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PSY 258 - Introduction to Personality: Scholarly vs. Popular

PSY 258

Class Guide: Resources for Research

Types of Periodicals

  Magazine Academic Journal Trade Journal*
Audience General public Scholars, researchers, students Professionals in the field
References Rare Required Occasionally
Author Journalist Scholar in the field Professional in the field
Review policy Edited for format & style by the magazine's editorial staff Peer-reviewed - evaluated by experts in the field for content, format & style

Evaluated by editorial staff, who may be experts in the field, for format & style

*Some trade journals are also peer-reviewed

Appearance Colorful, glossy, many photographs & advertisements Lengthy articles, often including charts & graphs, with few or no advertisements Advertisements are specific to the trade, contains colorful photographs, glossy
Content An overview of a topic, personal narratives, general information, interviews, goal is to entertain or inform the general public In-depth, primary accounts of original findings, specific information, scholarly communication Current news, trends, products in a specific industry, practical information for professionals in the field
Language Easily understandable to most readers Specialized terminology or jargon of the field Specialized terminology or jargon of the field, but not as technical as an academic journal
Example Article Carla Hayden "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors"... The Road to Mastery



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