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Information for Faculty

Reserve materials are located behind the library's circulation desk.  These materials are selected by faculty for class assignments. They circulate for a limited time, designated by the faculty member, in order to make them equally available to all students in the class. Reserve materials are in closed stacks; only library personnel and faculty are allowed behind the desk.

Savage Library has a system to place materials on Reserve for student use. You may put your own materials, photocopies of articles, or materials found in Savage Library on Reserve. 

You may submit the online form (on the next tab) or come into the library and fill out a paper form.

Please Note:

  • Reserves are listed by professor, and then by title. Please be sure your students know the title.  We cannot easily find items by author. Create a title for materials developed for the class. This saves us all time.
  • The library strives to comply with Copyright Law. Copyright law does not allow the same photocopies to be kept on Reserve semester after semester. Photocopies of more than two chapters, sections etc., from any book are not allowed. If you have material of this nature please contact the Bookstore (ext. 7195) to arrange for a course packet.
  • If your class requires more than eight separate articles, please arrange for a course packet.
  • Complete citations must be on all photocopies. Two copies of each article will be sufficient for most classes. Please staple pages and ensure title is clear.
  • The library does not purchase textbooks. If you would like a textbook on Reserve for your students' convenience, please bring us a personal copy.
  • Reserve items are generally for in-library use only. Please let us know if you want items to circulate outside the library (1 day check-out). Caution: once materials leave the library, they can be difficult to get back!
  • Holds cannot be placed on Reserve items.
  • Books belonging to other libraries will not be placed on reserve.
  • Students are allowed a 30 minute grace period on the return of overdue Reserve items.
  • Please stop in and pick up personal materials at the end of each semester.
  • Please: no rare or irreplaceable materials.
  • If you have special needs for Reserves, please let any staff member know and the library will work to accommodate your needs.

For questions or comments please contact Katie Crawford:

Head of Access Services

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Katie Crawford
Lib 205
(970) 934-2107
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