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Voting Information - Gunnison County: Students

Voting in Gunnison County

Voting While Away at School

Students - Register at School or Home?

Students have a choice about where to register to vote.

School address:

  • Students attending college in Colorado may register at their school address. You must plan to return after temporary absences, like summer break, but do not have to plan to reside at that address permanently.

Permanent address:

  • Students may choose to register or remain registered at a permanent address in Colorado or outside the state. In this case, students may need to vote by absentee ballot.

You may only be registered and vote in one location.


Absentee Voting

All 50 states currently allow residents to vote absentee, though 20 require voters to provide an excuse of why they can’t show up on election day. These are often due earlier than the actual election day, so it’s important to check the due date with your local election commission. For information about absentee voting, visit: and visit your state's election website.

Rights & Rules


  • Age Requirements

    All voters in national elections must be 18 at the time of the election. Some states allow individuals who are 17 to vote in the primaries, provided they will be 18 when the general election takes place.

  • Disability Assistance

    According to federal provisions, individuals who are visually impaired, unable to read or write, or affected by another disability are allowed to bring someone to provide assistance while casting their vote. A few states also provide curbside voting for voters who can’t easily leave their vehicles. 


  • Voter Identification

    "Colorado’s voter registration form asks for your Colorado driver’s license or ID number, or the last four digits of your Social Security Number if you do not have a Colorado driver’s license or state ID number. Failure to provide this information could lead to you having to show additional identification when you vote that shows your picture or your name and address. Make sure to provide this information on the registration form so the state can verify your identity and you don’t run into problems when you cast your ballot." (from

  • Disability Assistance

    In Colorado, all voting is done by mail-in ballot. You may complete the ballot with a trusted friend and mail it in by the deadline or bring the completed ballot to a polling center on Election Day. 


  • Will voting in-state as a student will make me lose my federal aid?

No! Voter registration information does not define residence. You may register to vote anywhere, regardless of your primary address. Always confirm that residency is not a requirement for a scholarship.

  • Can I vote if the address on my driver's license is different from the address on my registration?

Yes! The address doesn't matter. Your driver's license is used only for identification.

  • Will registering to vote in Colorado affect my driver’s license or car registration?

Possibly. To register to vote, you must be a resident of Colorado. Voting in Colorado may subject you to other laws that govern state residents, including those regarding driver’s licenses and car registration. For more information, you may wish to contact the Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles. (from

  • Will registering to vote in Colorado prevent my parents from claiming me as a dependent on their taxes?

No! Registering to vote in a different state from your parents will not make you lose your dependency status. Where you register to vote will have no effect on your parent’s tax status.

  • Can I see the ballot before Election Day?

Yes! In fact, in Colorado, all elections are held by mail. You'll receive your ballot in the mail and have time to get informed before you fill it out. You may mail in the completed ballot by the deadline, or bring the completed ballot to the correct polling center on Election Day.

  • Can election workers help voters?

Yes! Election workers are required to answer any voting-related questions you may have.

  • Do I have to vote for every office and measure listed on the ballot?

No! You are not required to vote for anything you are not knowledgeable about. If you leave anything blank, your ballot will NOT be invalid.

  • Will anyone else be able to see how I voted?

No! While your address, voter registration, and party affiliation are public information, your vote is NOT public information. Additionally, you are never required to share how you voted with anyone.

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