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SCI 120 - Living Planet: Search

SCI 120

Library Class Guide

Search Tips

  • Search for one of your diseases as a keyword. See if there are any subjects in the search that correlate with your keywords.
  • Use quotes when searching phrases.
  • Do not search full sentences - leave out articles (the, and, for, in... etc).  Just search for the major keywords.
  • Build on your searches - piece by piece. Pick up keywords from your search results, or authors you may notice reoccurring, or a series of publications that comes up frequently.
  • Set up an account and log in. You can save your searches and articles right in the database!
  • If your keyword is too broad, think about subtopics instead. Example: Instead of searching for "disease", think about what programs would be included in that category: human disease, viruses, heart disease, etc. Search for those topics instead.
  • Alternatively, if your keyword is too narrow, think about broader terms. Instead of Alzheimer's, you could try dementia, since Alzheimer's is a type of dementia.
  • Ask your friendly neighborhood librarian for help! We are happy to assist you in your research. :)

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