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Lois Borland Collection: Series 6: Western State College One-Act Plays 1927-1943


Lois Borland Collection: Series 6

Collection Information

Collection 1, Series 6 1 records storage box (1.5 lin. ft.) Finding Aid Prepared By Jennifer A. Vazquez July 2006

Lois Borland (1877-1967) came to the Colorado State Normal School, Gunnison, Colorado in 1914 as the school’s first English professor. She retired in 1942 from Western State College of Colorado after a long career that included many interests. In addition to literature, she developed an interest in local history and was probably the first person in the area to appreciate the value of saving and preserving historical documents. She also was involved in dramatic productions at the college.

Scope and Content Note

Lois Borland’s “One-Act Plays” Festival was first established in the early years of Western State College. In this series are over 170 scripts that were involved in this festival, as well as nine costume sketches.


FileAuthor's NamePlay Title
1 A
  Adams, Nicolette Investing in Space
  Andres, Annie Aunt Hattie’s
2 B-1
  Bell, Hermine Sweet Confession
  Blizzard, William Beebs goes a-hunting
  Boggs, Isabelle The test of valor
3 B-2
  Bon Durant, Bruce Play, it doesn’t pay
  Brewster, Roy C. Coals of fire
  Brewster, Roy C. She came to herself
  Brown, Mabel Splendid technique
  Butz, Mary Louise They know not
4 C
  Clarke, Luella Davis Sangre De Cristo
5 D
  Day, Dora All in a day
  Duckette, G.B. The power of the press
6 E
  Edwards, Ronal International incident
  Ellison, Robert Uncle Bob’s baby
  Enbom, Selma So this is life?
7 F
  Frazzee, Patricia Ming
  Frazzee, Steven Paying for Ypres
  Fulglum, Barbara Prodigal son-in-law
  Fullinwider, F. Farewell
  Fullinwider, F. Wilma
8 G-1
  Garduer, Roy Old standby
  Galloway, Lucille D. Romance at Holden Ranch
  Gawf, Gertrude Los Pinos
  Gawf Gertrude The price of a handclasp
  Gorman, Charlotte The first Arabian night
9 G-2
  Gorman, Charlotte His fiddlers three
  Gorman, Charlotte The oldest house
  Graham, Ellis Affain D’Amour
  Graham Ellis Held for reward
  Gratton, Patrick The fall of histalini
  Gratton Patrick Those who have loved
10 H-1
  Haley, Dorothy [Untitled]
  Haley, Dorothy Street Scene
  Haley, Glen The men-eaters
  Haley, Glen No place in politics
11 H-2
  Haley, Glen Sit down to supper
  Henton, Roxanna Time out
  Hoff, Virgil I. Fields forever green
  Hogan, Govuan Extra!
12 I
  Ingledew, Ada Jane Martin’s cross
13 J
  James, Hazel Counterpoint
  James, Hazel Teacher’s trouble
  Johnson, Altha Courtin’
  Johnson, Altha Winners or lowers
  Jones, Charlotte Gorman Ladies of the jury
14 K
  Kelley, Estella F. The tables turned
  Konkel, Vivian Out of the wreck
15 L
  Larson, M. Flias Lorelci
  Leonard, Joe [Untitled]
  Leonard, Joe Dead or alive
  Leonard, J.J. Nocturne for one
  Lotrich, Victor F. Soldiers laugh
16 M-1
  Marquerita, Illeti The light of a candle
  McClung, Inz A.A.A.
  McClung, Inz The best speaker
  McClung Justice for injustice
  McGuiness, Joe Confessio de profundis
  Miller, Elizabeth In an hour
  Munroe, Genia The elusive word
17 M-2
  Myers, Thelma The birth of the Columbine
  Myers, Thelma Burrs and Emil
  Myers, Thelma Cabin fever
  Myers, Winifred Rowley Steak for dinner
18 N
  Norton, Elizabeth The voice of Sailka
  Nourse, M. Dr. Storey
19 O-1
  O’Bert, John J. Scoop
  O’Fallon, Patricia Maybe later
  O’Neil, Anne [Untitled]
  Owen, Margaret In eighty-four
20 O-2
  Owen, Margaret Guistizia
  Owens, Ruth A. Waiting got Theron
21 P-1
  Page, Josephine L. Second wind
  Peterson, Ellen Chief Ouray
  Peterson, Ellen The scrub
  Peterson, Ellen No concern of yours
22 P-2
  Pezoldt, Joyce Silent warning
  Platz, Anna Men and nations
  Poe, Stephen Dam strike
  Prescott, John The great-great granddad
23 P-3
  Prescott, John Hypocrites
  Prescott, John Jes’ like prospectin’
  Prescott, John The suicide pact
  Pruitt, Gladys Lines
24 P-4
  Pruitt, Gladys The poor we have with us
  Pruitt, Gladys Prospect holes
25 R-1
  Ragatz, Henry Chronicle
  Ragatz, Henry Dynasty
  Ragatz, Henry The lucky mine
26 R-2
  Rathbun, Mabel Hard coal
  Rathbun, Mabel The mother lode
  Robinson, Anna The island of peace
  Robinson, Anna William Campbell
27 S
  Southworth, Albert, Earl An old trail retraced
  Stevens The white angel
  Stewart, Don Millionaire
  Strong, J.M. The apple knockers
  Strong, J.M. ‘Ception dusty
  Strong, J.M. Salted
  Stuart, Edith Cherry Blossom time
  Stuart, Edith The long night
28 T
  Thomas, Mrs. Ivan Dust
  Tovatt, Tony The Devil’s declaw
  Tovatt, Tony Potter’s fields
29 U
  Urone, Paul Jerry
  Urone, Paul Two different peoples
30 V
  Vaughn, Clara For the children
  Vaughn, Clara The vinegarone
31 W
  Wattles, James Flops a-plenty
  Wheeley, J. Forever after
  Winslow, Charles The manager
  Winslow, Charles Sixty seven sandwiches
32 Unknown Author, Titles A-B
  Aunt Ysabel’s New Rung
  Beyond these mountains
  Brother Matthew
  Back wash
33 Unknown Author, Titles C-D
  Circumstantial evidence
  College Caprices
  Dear Brother
34 Unknown Author, Titles E-G
  The eternal problem
  The fair sex
  God’s country
  Good and dependable
35 Unknown Author, Titles H-L
  Hard boiled Mary
  The heart is a Darls Duell
  His father’s house
  How it happened
  Let’s organize
36 Unknown Author, Titles M-R
  Pedro plays
  The rainbow gusher
37 Unknown Author, Titles S-Z
  These stenographers
  A turn of affairs
  Vot now?
  Will power
38 Unknown Author and Title (1)
39 Unknown Author and Title (2)
40 Unknown Author and Title (3)
41 Costume sketch (1)
42 Costume sketch (2)
43 Costume sketch (3)
44 Costume sketch (4)
45 Costume sketch (5)
46 Costume sketch (6)
47 Costume sketch (7)
48 Costume sketch (8)
49 Costume sketch (9)

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