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Lois Borland Collection: Series 9: Scrapbooks 1912-1961


Lois Borland Collection: Series 9

Collection Information

Collection 1, Series 9 1 records storage box, 1 flat box (2 lin. ft.) Finding Aid Prepared By Jennifer A. Vazquez July 2006

Lois Borland (1877-1967) came to the Colorado State Normal School, Gunnison, Colorado in 1914 as the school’s first English professor. She retired in 1942 from Western State College of Colorado after a long career that included many interests. In addition to literature, she developed an interest in local history and was probably the first person in the area to appreciate the value of saving and preserving historical documents. She also was involved in dramatic productions at the college.

Scope and Content Note

This series consists of 6 scrapbooks.

Two scrapbooks (1929-1961) contain newspaper clippings about local individuals and events. A list of the individuals and events discussed in the clippings are listed below.

Three scrapbooks cover events at the Colorado State Normal School (1912-1918) and include clippings from the Colorado State Normal School Newsletter, handwritten notes, class schedules, correspondence, and pamphlets. One scrapbook is identified as “Sigma Chapter of Delta Sigma Epsilon, 1929-1930. It includes photographs, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia.


Scrapbooks of Newspaper Clippings (2 scrapbooks)


Scrapbook 1, 1946-1961

William H. (Billy) Adams
George Anderson
Frank Anderson
Dr. Lois Borland
Ross Blackstock
Ellis Bates
Carrie Berry
Camille Besse
Mrs. Valentine G. Brewer
Rev. Glion T. Benson
Mrs. Camille Besse
Short story by Ann W. Hafen
Tohomas Lee Crews
Mr. and Mrs. Beckwourth
“Interesting story of Fort Crawford…”
“First Baptist services in new church…”
Alex Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Moncrief
“Church of Good Samaritan to hold 70th anniversary…”
The Devil’s Punch Bowls in Crystal Canon
“Attorney’s battle to hold narrow gauge for Gunnison”
Chief Leon Dutemeyer
Dr. B.F. Cummings
Mr. and Mrs. Whitman Eastman
Vevarelle Estsy
Frank Eastman
Roy E. England
Craig Anderson Goodwin
Inze Grubb
“Drilling to widen the road to the Eureka Mine”
Mrs. Frank Grubb
“Printer’s devil of 18880 writes interesting story…”
“Nov. sets record for Frontier Airlines”
Dwight L. Gray
Craig A. Goodwin
Ed Stein
Billy and Mary Green
Craig Goodwin
H.G. Heaths
Tom Hayden
Robert Hetherington
Frank Hoheisel
“Irwin ghost town cemetery to receive memorial marker…”
“Irwin cemetery monument to be erected…” William A. Kreutzer
Fifty year anniversary, and recollection for Colorado State Normal School
R.W. “Bob” Cooper
B. H. Snyder
B. H. “Big Ben” Jorgensen
Dr. John Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Johnson
Mrs. Adeline Jayne
Bailey Wilson
Sidney Jocknick
James Herbert Kelley
Ralph A. Little
E. Kissinger
Mrs. Chas A. Kroll
Ed Leonard
Jack V. Leighou
Dr. Charles Lory
Lee lehman
Roxie Lake
Melva Leonard
Robert LeFevre and Ann Christensen
Otis Moore
Warren R. Mergelman
Joseph J. Miller
Susie Hannah Miller
Kareen Loudermilk and Lt. Benjamin Man
Joe “J.J.” Miller
Mack Miller
Mary Mihelich
Verne Mauer
Susie Miller
Otis Moore
Lewis Miller
Colin Moore
“Masonic Lodge no. 39 dedicates new temple…”
Fannie McKee
“16 Mason’s start lodge in 1880…”
Pat O’Fallon
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Moncrief
J.E. Phillips
Janet Diegl and Otto Pfeiff
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Pressler
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Peck
Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Roper
Mrs. J.W. Rockefeller
Dr. Grant Ruland
Mrs. Grant Ruland
Mrs. May N. Rouviere
William D. Cobbs
Rikki Santarelli
Lewis Sammons
Aubrey Spann
William Spann
C.T. “Uncle Tom” Stevens
Lang Spann
Aubrey Spann
“Salida newspaper celebrate 75th year”
Mr. and Mrs. Lang Spanns
“Diamond Jubilee slated by Salida”
Roger N. Teachout
Mrs. Katherine Tobin
Henry Fredrick Trampe
Tony Tovatt
Colorado State Penitentiary in Canon City
Dan Thornton
“Indians lauded for adjusting land holdings”
“Utes not excited by sudden riches”
“Early History of discovery of uranium ore, Montrose County”
John W. Vickers
Dr. Grant Venn
Jim Mahaffey
W.S. “Webb” Whinnery
Cedric Williams
Brooks Walker
Edgar O. Willson
Mrs. Jerry Williams
Kenneth and Margaret Watters
John “Shorty” Walters
Mrs. Alta Winslow
“New College Dorm starts this week”
“Western slope alumni establish tuition scholarship…”
Andrew Wright
Elizabeth Schenker
Elizabeth Zugelder
Frank Zugelder
Brooks Walker
Grace Zugelder


Scrapbook 2, 1929-1961

Charley Adams
Gale D. Aydelott
John M. Allen
Meta Adams
Ed Allen
Richard “Dick” Andrews
Mrs. John Wilson
Mrs. Mary Andrews
Mrs. Charlotte Louis Anderson
Floyd Allen
Virginia Arnott and Ross Blackstock
Lorraine Fleetwood and David Allen
Mr. and Mrs. David Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Beasley
George Adams and William Spann
Mr. and Mrs. Max Fleetwood
Jacqueline Carr and Ralph Funk
Mr. and Mr.s. Ed Allen
Mrs. S.M. Ball
Clyde Buffington
Harry Brennan
Clyde W. Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bottenfields
“Gunnison Bank & Trust Co. Celebrates 50th yr…”
Paula Burgenheimer
Elizabeth Biebel
Mrs. Elmer Wiley
Cora Bruns
Maude Mabel Boyles
Bert Bardin
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Buffingtonailey
Elizabeth Sophia Biebel
Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Collard
Marion E. Chinery
William Cairns
Joe Cuennin
Charles H. Cowan
Charley W. Chinery
Charles H. Cowan
Maud Farley
Lillian Miller
Annie Downey
Mary K. Davis
John J. Dynes
Charles Duree
Dorricott Family
Annie M. Downey
Laura Delo
“Elks to dedicate new $150,000 Lodge…”
Ramona Joy Esty
Helen Easterly and Roy Winslow
Rhee Hickman and Don Eastman
Ida Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ender
Laura Evans
Lewis R. Easterly
Herman Eilebrecht
Willett A. Estes
J.H. “Herman” and Frank Eilebrecht
W.H. Ender
Steve Frazee
Jeffrey Fleece
Anne Flick and Archie Steinbeck
Leslie J. Savage
Shirley Field
Marie Smith
“Cattle, mining still the leading business in growing Gunnison”
Margaret Freeman
Lt. Virginia Lee Gilmer
William Gilmer
100th Anniversary of the Gunnison Massacre
“Gunnison area is land of good cattle”
Dr. Lois Borland
Dorothy Gaskill
Robert Miller
Beverly Leonard
“Gunnison River and city named for man seeking rail route”
“Gunnison has…in 1885”
“Famous song may have been written on the Lake Fork”
“Name chose for landmark”
“Old Ft. Garland to be landmark of early west”
Emma L. Hards
Earl Hammock
Bert Hildebrand and Mark Vader
Alf Ingles Haines
Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Heath
Rena Hurley
Earl Hammock
J.C. Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Heath
Annie Hicks
Robert A. Hester
Sam C. Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Hicks
M.J. Hogan
Bill Hogan
Alf Haines
Dr. J. H. Kelley
Ada Kansgen
Lois Borland
Frank Keenen
Ray Lehman
Roxie Lake
Effie Lashbrook
Frank Knowles
“Anniversary banquet marks 35 years of service”
Mary A. Lawrence
L.B. Lashbrook
Rocy Lake
Effie Lashbrook
Mrs. Henry R. Lake Jr.
“Gateview on the Lake Fork…”
“Colorado like ‘Abe’ ”
Rial R. Lake
“The camera pre-views the new miller furniture store”
Gene Mahoney
J.E. Phillips
Otto Mears
Charley Miller
Raymond Miller
Rosalie Moore and Robert Dunn
Fred D. McKee
Colin L. Moore
Wallace V. Moore
Anne Cox and C.J. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mikkelsen
Olive F. Mauer
Oscar J. Milon
John W. Murdie
Agnes Metroz
Rutherford Montgomery
Warren Mergelman
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Miller
C.J. Miller and Anne Cox
Irvin Mergelman
Agnes McWilliams
John Mihelich
Louis Mikkelsen and Joan DeVinny
John Mihelich
Lucy Myers
Emma Mayer
Annie F. Miller
A.D. McKee
Don McKee
Roy McCabe
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McWilliams
S.J. Miller
Clyde Martin
Parker McDonough
Abbie Mergelman
Warren R. Mergelman
Charles “Chink” Nordstrom
Dr. George Nuckolls
Eloise Nowels and David Spencer
Lt. Josephine Nesbit
Alpha Nutting
George Norwood
Starr Nelson
Paul Nordstrom
Pat O’Fallon
Dick Owen
Dona Oglesby
Mrs. Pat O’Fallon
Pat O’Fallon
“Old Pine Street building makes way for new school”
“Break ground for school”
Williard M. “Coach Peter” Pederson
Robert J. Potter
Mrs. Carrie Palmgren
“Pioneer Society now has 281 active members”
Maggie L. Pittser
Guy Palmer
“List given of pioneer families settling in Gunnison Vicinity
Mrs. Robert G. Porter
“Pioneer belongings displayed in windows”
“First post-office still standing”
Charles Thomas Stevens
“Gunnison Canyon’s discovery exploration in 1901 retold
Alfred Packer
Ralph E. Porter
Sheila Palmer
Jack E. Porter
Amelia Russ
Charles T. Rawalt
Gerrie Lou Spann
B.H. Snyder
Dale Morgan
H.F. Trampe
Edwin Stein
Ray L. Saunders
Dr. H.W. Taylor
Dr. Angus Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Dutcher
John Satterstrum
Mary Rozman
Mrs. La N. Rogers
Lillie Ruck
Margaret Redden
Leona Wilder
Judd Riley
Joseph A. Riley
John Satterstrum
Grant Ruland
Mrs. A.P. Nelson and Mrs. F.E. “Pauline” Laqua
Cara Stewart
Sine Sorenson
Patricia Stone
Chaunvey Summers
Dr. and Mrs Reinhardt Schumann
Aubrey Spann
Mr. and Mrs. Starika
Leslie Savage
Dr. Geo Nuckolls
Bert Stitzer
Alvina Helen Sievers
Peter Zzymanski
Mr. and Mrs. William Spann
Keith Stegall
Charles H. Schecker
Emma O. Stull
Nancy Stephenson and Edwin Macy
Cynthia Weed Steele
James R. Spann
Josephine Spncer
Serelda Ann Spann
John Satterstrum
Tony Sayer
Dr. Reinhardt. Schuhmann
Montana Smith
Phyllis Spann and Richard Guerrieri
Patricia Stone
John A. Steele
A.W. Sewall
John Stavely
Katherine Stimac and Robert Robbins
Doris Spencer and William Thorsen
Capt. James J. Smidl
Mrs. Clinton Spencer
Nellie Santarelli
Mr. and Mrs. J.J. McLain
Mr. and Mrs. William Spann
Lucille Mary McCann
Keith Stegall
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Snyder
Tony Tovatt
Pres. Sheldon Trampe
Roger N. Teachout
Hattie May Teachout
Anton Tezak, Sr.
“Tales of the old west”
Lang Spann
Dr. Angus Taylor
George Besse and Ben H. Synder
“Ute braves line up to collect $400,000”
Fred VanAken
Joe Voutaz
Katherine Verzuh
Philip Vidal
Ina Fay Phelps and Harry Vader
“Van Meter Bridge over Gunnison River…”
Minnie Warburton
Judge Clyde Welch
Phyllis Powel
Steve Watters
Sid Winters
Mary Lee Oglesby and Roger Lynn Winslow
Erma Vader
Agnes Winters
“Trailing sheep to high range of Uncompahgre Section…”
George Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Jarius Williams
New water filter plant
W.S. Whinnery
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Winslow
Steven Watters
C.R. Walker
Dr. Robert Bryant Walker
Valentine Rites and Robert Williams
Carolyn Hamel and Merle Wilson
Agnes Winters
“Improvements are scheduled for Waunita Springs”
Eliza White
Robert R. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. James Whalen
Fred Winters
Leander Smith

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