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Online Education for Students: Panopto

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Panopto Basics

Panopto is a video recording service. You may have assignments through Canvas' Panopto app. 

For instructions on downloading Panopto, see the support articles for Windows and Mac respectively. For mobile app instructions, see this article. See minimum system requirements here

Key tip: Login to your computer and open any applications and files that you will use during your recording. For example, if you wanted to show PowerPoint slides, a web page, and an image in a PDF document, you would open your PowerPoint file, your web browser, and the PDF file. Panopto will use all of the RAM, cache space, and processing power available when it is launched. Opening your presentation materials before opening Panopto ensures that computer resources are reserved for those processes. (citation).


Here are instructions on how to submit videos as assignments:

1. Upload your Panopto Recording to Canvas

1.1.  Navigate to your course in Canvas and then to the Assignments tab on the left. Select the assignment that you need to submit:

User-added image 

1.2.  In the submission page, click the Panopto embed tool:

User-added image 

1.3.  This will open a window where you can navigate to the folder where you recorded your Panopto video. Navigate to the folder in which your video was recorded, which will be either your personal folder or the course assignment folder, depending on how your instructor has this set up.

User-added image 

Locate and select your video:

User-added image 

Then select Insert in the bottom right: 
 User-added image

1.4.  Once the assignment has been submitted, you will receive a message at the top of the screen saying that it has been successfully submitted. Your teacher will now be able to watch your Panopto recording.

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Mobile Tips

Panopto on mobile devices will only upload video, not slides. To upload slides, use a PC or Mac. In Panopto for Mac or PC, make sure that Record Powerpoint is checked. If your slides won’t upload, you may capture your screen while presenting.

For Panopto mobile app, basic and pro instructions, read the support article

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