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Canvas Faculty Guide: Canvas Grading

Canvas Information page with resources on the basics, grading, organization, engagement and communication, and a student section

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302 - Assignments Overview from Instructure Canvas Community.

An "Assignment" is a catch-all term for coursework that is not a quiz or exam (which falls under Quizzes) or a discussion. A Canvas Assignment could be an essay or research paper, a drill exercise, or a public speaking exercise (to name a few). 

What can you do with Assignments


310 - Gradebook Overview from Instructure Canvas Community.

What can you do in the Gradebook? 
  • Manually enter and edit student grades for assignments submitted and graded outside of Canvas 

  • Enter assignments that are submitted through Canvas (use SpeedGrader to make general and detailed comments) 

  • Leave comments for students in the Gradebook 

  • Download scores to work on outside of Canvas 

  • Set a grade posting policy for a course (lock grades for viewing) 

  • By default, ungraded tasks do not factor the assignment into grade calculations. You can change this setting so that ungraded assignments receive a 0, or change the status of an assignment, discussion, or quiz (late, missing, excused, or no status).  


524 - SpeedGrader™ Overview from Instructure Canvas Community.

Why Use SpeedGrader


304 - Quizzes Overview from Instructure Canvas Community.

What are Quizzes for? 
  • You can choose between four types of quizzes (graded, practice, graded survey, and ungraded survey); quizzes are the name for all exams, tests, and so on 

  • Create question banks in order to create institutional or departmental repositories (the English department can create a question bank that can be used to create the same evaluation for different students in multiple different courses) 

  • Make a quiz where students only see one question at a time 

  • Make a quiz with a variety of different settings (including allowing students to see incorrect questions, assign multiple attempts, allow students to view correct answers at a certain date, set a time limit, and many more)

  •  Use the Moderate quiz page to view the progress of student submissions, the number of quiz attempts, grant students extra attempts, extra time, and unlock quiz attempts 

  • See here for a list of quiz how-to guides 

  • NOTE: Canvas offers a Classic Quizzes mode and a New Quizzes mode. It is highly recommended that you build or rebuild your quizzes in the New Quizzes mode, as Classic Quizzes will be retired from the Canvas platform in early 2021.  


516 - Discussions Overview from Instructure Canvas Community.

What can you do with Discussions


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Moving online quickly to accommodate COVID-19-related restrictions left many Spring 2020 instructors assessing students in environments we'd never used before. As we move into a future in which online tools will be more permanently integrated into our classrooms, it's important to adopt new strategies to ensure student success. This list of resources will help you brainstorm ways to ensure your online testing environments encourage academic integrity.

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