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Users cannot download directly from Panopto. 

Instructions for Western-owned computers: 

They must use the specifically-prepared installer: “software center” on Windows and the “self service” app on a Mac.
For PC Users
1.    Be on the Western campus and connected to the Western network
2.    Click Start on your computer
3.    Type “software center” into the search field and then open the desktop app that appears
4.    Find the option to install Panopto
5.    Complete the install process without changing any of the default values
For Mac Users
1.    Make sure your computer is connected to the internet
2.    Do a spotlight search for “self service” and open the self service app
3.    Find the option to install Panopto
4.    Complete the install process without changing any of the default values

Instructions for personal (non-Western) computers:

For all users:

1. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet

2. Log in to Western Canvas site (

3. Open any course you would like to add Panopto videos to. Scroll down to the settings tab on the navigation bar:

Canvas navigation

4. This will take you to the Navigation menu. Below the items that have been added to the Navigation menu, you should see Panopto Video faded out in the lower section for non-active applications.

Panopto instructions

5. Drag Panopto Video to the active Navigation area, just above the hidden applications, and press the Save button. Where you place it in the list will reflect in the navigation bar.

6. Click on Panopto Video in your Navigation bar (you may need to refresh or return to your home page to see the changes). 

7. Click on "Create" and select the first option to record a new session:

Panopto new session

8. This will bring up a pop-up to download the recorder:

Panopto downloads

9. Download the version for your system and launch the recorder. 


Using Panopto

Panopto is integrated directly into Canvas which means you don’t have to log in separately to utilize this tool. All you need to do is click on the Panopto Video tool within your Canvas courses. If you don’t see this tool listed in your individual courses, you may need to move this tool from the hidden tools to the course navigation menu. To accomplish this, click Settings in the left-hand menu in one of your Canvas courses, click the Navigation tab, and drag Panopto Video from the hidden list to the course navigation menu. Click here for a detailed article with screenshots for more help. 

KEY TIP: Login to your computer and open any applications and files that you will use during your recording. For example, if you wanted to show PowerPoint slides, a web page, and an image in a PDF document, you would open your PowerPoint file, your web browser, and the PDF file. Panopto will use all of the RAM, cache space, and processing power available when it is launched. Opening your presentation materials before opening Panopto ensures that computer resources are reserved for those processes. (Citation).

Main Functions


You can pre-record lectures for students to watch, or record a live class session and save it directly to the Canvas course. Follow the Panopto article's instructions, but bear in mind that you should first log into Canvas, enable the Panopto Video app in the course, and then open from the Canvas app. This way, videos are saved directly to the relevant class. 


Since videos start automatically, you may have recordings that begin or end with you starting and stopping the program. If you would like to trim these parts, or edit in other ways, follow the instructions in the Panopto support article on editing


Panopto offers a paid captioning service, but also free, automatically generated captions that you can edit. Use the instructions in the support article to generate and edit captions to ensure accessibility for all students. 


If you do not wish to include video of yourself, or if you wish to change the way in which your video appears (screen with face insert, or screen only, or screen with face to side), follow the support article instructions on Outputs. Screen-recording without face video is referred to by Panopto as "podcasts." 

Assignments & Quizzes

As an instructor, you can create Panopto video assignments. This requires students to submit an assignment in the form of a video. You can create a gradebook entry and associated information using the Panopto support article instructions

You can also create a Panopto Quiz that is interactive. See detailed instructions in the support article

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With Zoom

Panopto Zoom integration allows meetings recorded in Zoom to be uploaded to Panopto automatically. While optional, this can streamline the process of uploading and organizing videos, and create one centralized location for students to access all class lectures and recordings. 

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